I've been following this thread, and I thought this might be a good place and time to throw in a few additional feature requests.

What about expanding the history capabilities of psql's history command (\s) to include something more bash/tcsh-like? For example:

-- execute the last command that began with "insert"

-- execute item #23 in my history

The above would require \s to output history index numbers. Might also be cool if it would (optionally) truncate each line at the console width, so it would be a little easier to read.

And what about some kind of switch to tell psql to combine multi-line commands into 1. So if I type a big select on 5 lines, after executing it, it appears as 1 entry in my history. Say something like \ss for "history Single" and \sv for "history Verbatim" (or whatever).

Thanks for your time.


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