Hi all

Back in 2010 I submitted a small feature to allow the creation of minidumps
when backends crashed; see commit dcb09b595f88a3bca6097a6acc17bf2ec935d55f .

At the time Windows lacked useful support for postmortem debugging and
crash-dump management in the operating system its self, especially for
applications running as services. That has since improved considerably.

The feature was also included in 9.4, which I think was the PostgreSQL
release that was really rock solid on Windows. Consequently it's never
served the purpose I wrote it for, a way to make it easy to get crash data
from end users into the hands of a developer without needing to
remote-debug the users' system.

It's practically dead code and we might as well remove it unless there's
someone out there using it who's keeping quiet about it.

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