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> I think that you can debug crash dump since windbg exists.

Nobody in their right mind uses windbg though. Visual Studio is really
where it's at and the Express versions make it much more practical.

You can't even install Debugging Tools for Windows and Windbg standalone

> Also I think that Postgres on Windows number  of instalations is so tiny
> because people even today think that it is not so solid as unix version
> thats why you think that nobody use your code ;).

I disagree. Windows Pg users are often at bigger companies and don't talk
about PostgreSQL as much. Often for fear of reprisals from other database
vendors they have ongoing relationships with.  At least that's been my
experience and I'm sure EDB folks will concur.

> Today if my memory serves me right this code can not deal with buffer
> overflow. Am i right?

Stack overflow?

No, it can't. The stack has to be somewhat sane.

> May be we need to add this functionality instead of drop support of it
> entirely

Why? I've never seen any sign anybody has used it, ever.

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