Mark Kirkwood wrote:
I can get access to several boxes with Solaris 8 + gcc 2.95 ( maybe not right-up-to-the minute latest patches, but fairly recently patched).

They are firewalled off from the internet with abolutely no chance of external access, but I can build whatever is required ( Pg 7.3.1 is already installed from source) and upload it to (or similar).

...I've never tried to create a Solaris package so I will need answers to all the usual dumb questions - including what extra configure options are required as I've been building with *none* :-)
That's cool. Making Solaris packages is pretty easy, and all of the files that might be tricky have already been created. The compilation notes taken whilst making the Solaris 8 Intel packages are at:

It doesn't mention how to do the packaging bit, but it wouldn't be hard to create step by step instructions for you with minimal effort. :)

Sound like a plan? Will also need someone else with a Solaris 8 SPARC system to try the packages out too, just in case there are weird library dependencies happening that might catch us out.

Also, am wondering if learning how to do "cross compiling" instead might be worthwhile. Don't yet know anything about it, but it gets mentioned in a lot of documents.


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