Andres Freund <> writes:
> There's a couple solutions I can think of to that problem:
> 1) Use epoll()/kqueue, or other similar interfaces that don't require
>    re-registering fds at every invocation. My guess is that that'd be
>    desirable for performance anyway.

Portability, on the other hand, would be problematic.

> 2) Create a pair of fds between postmaster/backend for each
>    backend. While obviously increasing the the number of FDs noticeably,
>    it's interesting for other features as well: If we ever want to do FD
>    passing from postmaster to existing backends, we're going to need
>    that anyway.

Maybe; it'd provide another limit on how many backends we could run.

> 3) Replace the postmaster_alive_fds socketpair by some other signalling
>    mechanism. E.g. sending a procsignal to each backend, which sets the
>    latch and a special flag in the latch structure.

And what would send the signal?  The entire point here is to notice the
situation where the postmaster has crashed.  It can *not* depend on the
postmaster taking some action.

                        regards, tom lane

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