* Noah Misch ( wrote:
> > Updated patch attached.  I'll give it another good look and then commit
> > it, barring objections.
> This thread and its satellite[1] have worked their way through a few designs.
> At first, it was adding role attributes, alongside existing attributes like
> REPLICATION and BYPASSRLS.  It switched[2] to making pg_dump preserve ACLs on
> system objects.  Built-in roles joined[3] the pg_dump work to offer predefined
> collections of ACL grants.  Finally, it dropped[4] the pg_dump side and
> hard-coded the roles into the features they govern.

Correct, after quite a bit of discussion and the conclusion that, while
pg_dump support for dumping ACLs might be interesting, it was quite a
bit more complex an approach than this use-case justified.  Further,
adding support to pg_dump for dumping ACLs could be done independently
of default roles.

The one argument which you've put forth for adding the complexity of
dumping catalog ACLs is that we might reduce the number of default
roles provided to the user.  I disagree that we would.  Having a single
set of default roles which provide a sensible breakdown of permissions
is a better approach than asking every administrator and application
developer who is building tools on top of PG to try and work through
what makes sense themselves, even if that means we have a default role
with a small, or even only an individual, capability.

I also disagree that we won't be able to adjust the privileges granted
to a role in the future.  We have certainly made adjustments to what a
'replication' role is able to do, which has largely been in the 'more
capabilities' direction that you opine concern over.

> To summarize, I think the right next step is to resume designing pg_dump
> support for system object ACLs.  I looked over your other two patches and will
> unshelve those reviews when their time comes.

To be clear, I don't believe the two patches are particularly involved
with each other and don't feel that one needs to wait for the other.

Further, I'm not convinced that adding support for dumping ACLs or, in
general, encouraging users to define their own ACLs on catalog objects
is a good idea.  We certainly have no mechanism in place today for those
ACLs to be respected by SysCache and encouraging their use when we won't
actually respect them is likely to be confusing.  I had thought
differently at one point but my position changed during the discussion
when I realized the complexity and potential confusion it could cause
and considered that against the simplicity and relatively low cost of
having default roles.



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