Andres Freund <> writes:
> There goes that theory. Amongst others. The aforementioned problem with
> waitfor doesn't seem to be actually armed because waitfor is only used
> if errno == EWOULDBLOCK || errno == EAGAIN.

Mumble.  It is clearly possible that we'd reach the Assert failure if
SSL_read were to return -1 and set errno to EWOULDBLOCK or EAGAIN.
I doubt that is what is happening here, because those errnos don't
seem sensible for an EOF condition, but I'd still feel more comfortable
if be_tls_read/be_tls_write handled SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL like this:

            if (n != -1)
                errno = ECONNRESET;
                n = -1;
+           else
+           {
+               /* just in case errno is EWOULDBLOCK/EAGAIN */
+               *waitfor = WL_SOCKET_READABLE | WL_SOCKET_WRITEABLE;
+           }

                        regards, tom lane

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