On 2015-12-30 12:30:43 -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> Nor OS X.  Ugh.  My first thought was that ac1d7945f broke this, but
> that's only in HEAD not 9.5, so some earlier change must be responsible.

The backtrace in
seems to indicate that it's really WaitLatchOrSocket() not noticing the
socket is closed.

For a moment I had the theory that Port->sock might be invalid because
it somehow got closed. That'd then remove the socket from the waited-on
events, which would explain the behaviour. But afaics that's really only
possible via pq_init()'s on_proc_exit(socket_close, 0); And I can't see
how that could be reached.

FWIW, the
        if (sock == PGINVALID_SOCKET)
                wakeEvents &= ~(WL_SOCKET_READABLE | WL_SOCKET_WRITEABLE);
block in both latch implementations looks like a problem waiting to happen.

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