> On googling, it seems this is related to .Net framework compatibility. I am
> using .Net Framework 4 to build the program.cs and that is what I have
> on my m/c.  Are you using the same for Npgsql or some different version?

That is probably the problem. Npgsql 3.0 is only available for .NET
Framework 4.5 and above, you should be able to build and run the sample
with VS2013 or VS2015 (note that Microsoft release totally free community
editions of these which you can use). Let me know if you run into any

Regardless, apologies I haven't had more time to work on this recently. I
now have debug builds of 9.5rc1 (with the bug) and 9.4.5 (without the bug)
and can reliably debug through application as the error occurs. I will
probably have some time tomorrow or Monday to dive into this. Amit, it
would be great if you could confirm the error happening too.

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