I noticed (trying to parse out the "Latest patch" urls) that
in the html of the commitfest pages, for instance in:


all rows of the html-table (I think it is the "Committer"-column) contain an erroneous '</p>'. It should be '</td>'.

See example below, the '<td></p>' should obviously be '<td></td>'.

Browsers don't seem to mind (and I can easily "parse around" it) but maybe it can be fixed?


Erik Rijkers

(html from https://commitfest.postgresql.org/8/ )
<td><a href="298/">Improve handling of OOM errors in libpq making process hangling for COPY and bind (take 2)</a></td>
   <td><span class="label label-info">Ready for Committer</span></td>
   <td>Michael Paquier (michael-kun)</td>
   <td>Amit Kapila (amitkapila), Heikki Linnakangas (heikki)</td>
   <td style="white-space: nowrap;">2015-12-20<br/>13:14</td>
   <td style="white-space: nowrap;">2015-12-15<br/>06:54</td>


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