Tom Lane wrote:

> But some experimentation suggests that we could
> fix that by subdividing col_name_keyword into two categories, one being
> the keywords that can also be type names (BIGINT, BIT, etc) and one
> being those that can't (BETWEEN, COALESCE, etc).  Everywhere
> col_name_keyword is used now, just mention both sub-categories.
> And in def_arg, add a production for only the second sub-category.
> I think such a categorization would actually be cleaner than what we have
> now; if you read the comments for col_name_keyword, they're pretty squishy
> about whether these keywords can be type or function names or not, and
> this subdivision would make that a little clearer.  Interestingly, it
> also seems that the grammar tables become slightly smaller, suggesting
> that Bison also finds this more regular.

Sounds reasonable.  We already have four categories, so one more
shouldn't be a problem, and if Bison likes it then all the better.

So you're talking about this:

 * Many of these keywords will in fact be recognized as type or function
 * names too; but they have special productions for the purpose, and so
 * can't be treated as "generic" type or function names.

and you're saying that this comment will be moved to the first of these
new categories and s/Many of these/These/.  In other words, the "special
productions" will remain, which this is the stuff under SimpleTypename,
minus GenericType.

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