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So both patches seem to do the trick, but (2) is faster. Not sure
if this is expected. (BTW all the results are without asserts

Do you know what the size of the pending list was at the end of each

I think last one may be faster because it left a large mess behind
that someone needs to clean up later.

No. How do I measure it?

pageinspect's gin_metapage_info, or pgstattuple's pgstatginindex

Hmmm, so this turns out not very useful, because at the end the data I get from gin_metapage_info is almost exactly the same for both patches (more details below).

Also, do you have the final size of the indexes in each case?

No, I haven't realized the patches do affect that, so I haven't measured it.

There shouldn't be a difference between the two approaches (although I
guess there could be if one left a larger pending list than the other,
as pending lists is very space inefficient), but since you included
9.5 in your test I thought it would be interesting to see how either
patched version under 9.6 compared to 9.5.

Well, turns out there's a quite significant difference, actually. The index sizes I get (quite stable after multiple runs):

   9.5 : 2428 MB
   9.6 + alone cleanup : 730 MB
   9.6 + pending lock : 488 MB

So that's quite a significant difference, I guess. The load duration for each version look like this:

   9.5                 : 1415 seconds
   9.6 + alone cleanup : 1310 seconds
   9.6 + pending lock  : 1380 seconds

I'd say I'm happy with sacrificing ~5% of time in exchange for ~35% reduction of index size.

The size of the index on 9.5 after VACUUM FULL (so pretty much the smallest index possible) is 440MB, which suggests the "pending lock" patch does a quite good job.

The gin_metapage_info at the end of one of the runs (pretty much all the runs look exactly the same) looks like this:

                  pending lock   alone cleanup      9.5
 pending_head                2               2   310460
 pending_tail              338             345   310806
 tail_free_size            812             812      812
 n_pending_pages           330             339      347
 n_pending_tuples         1003            1037     1059
 n_total_pages               2               2        2
 n_entry_pages               1               1        1
 n_data_pages                0               0        0
 n_entries                   0               0        0
 version                     2               2        2

So almost no difference, except for the pending_* attributes, and even in that case the values are only different for 9.5 branch. Not sure what conclusion to draw from this - maybe it's necessary to collect the function input while the load is running (but that'd be tricky to process, I guess).


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