On 25 December 2015 at 10:00, Etsuro Fujita <fujita.ets...@lab.ntt.co.jp> wrote:
> On 2015/12/24 4:34, Robert Haas wrote:
>> On Wed, Dec 23, 2015 at 5:50 AM, Rushabh Lathia
>> <rushabh.lat...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> +1.
>>> I like idea of separate FDW API for the DML Pushdown. Was thinking can't
>>> we
>>> can re-use the  IterateForeignScan(ForeignScanState *node) rather then
>>> introducing IterateDMLPushdown(ForeignScanState *node) new API ?
>> Yeah, I think we need to ask ourselves what advantage we're getting
>> out of adding any new core APIs.  Marking the scan as a pushed-down
>> update or delete has some benefit in terms of making the information
>> visible via EXPLAIN, but even that's a pretty thin benefit.  The
>> iterate method seems to just complicate the core code without any
>> benefit at all.  More generally, there is very, very little code in
>> this patch that accomplishes anything that could not be done just as
>> well with the existing methods.  So why are we even doing these core
>> changes?
> From the FDWs' point of view, ISTM that what FDWs have to do for
> IterateDMLPushdown is quite different from what FDWs have to do for
> IterateForeignScan; eg, IterateDMLPushdown must work in accordance with
> presence/absence of a RETURNING list.  (In addition to that,
> IterateDMLPushdown has been designed so that it must make the scan tuple
> available to later RETURNING projection in nodeModifyTable.c.)  So, I think
> that it's better to FDWs to add separate APIs for the DML pushdown, making
> the FDW code much simpler.  So based on that idea, I added the postgres_fdw
> changes to the patch.  Attached is an updated version of the patch, which is
> still WIP, but I'd be happy if I could get any feedback.
>> Tom seemed to think that we could centralize some checks in the core
>> code, say, related to triggers, or to LIMIT.  But there's nothing like
>> that in this patch, so I'm not really understanding the point.
> For the trigger check, I added relation_has_row_level_triggers.  I placed
> that function in postgres_fdw.c in the updated patch, but I think that by
> placing that function in the core, FDWs can share that function.  As for the
> LIMIT, I'm not sure we can do something about that.
> I think the current design allows us to handle a pushed-down update on a
> join, ie, "UPDATE foo ... FROM bar ..." where both foo and bar are remote,
> which was Tom's concern, but I'll leave that for another patch.  Also, I
> think the current design could also extend to push down INSERT .. RETURNING
> .., but I'd like to leave that for future work.
> I'll add this to the next CF.

I've run into an issue:

*# UPDATE master_customers SET id = 22 WHERE id = 16 RETURNING
CONTEXT:  Remote SQL command: UPDATE public.customers SET id = 22

However, this works:

*# UPDATE master_customers SET id = 22 WHERE id = 16 RETURNING
tableoid::regclass, *;
    tableoid     | id | name  |    company    | registered_date |
expiry_date | active | status  | account_level
 local_customers | 22 | Bruce | Jo's Cupcakes | 2015-01-15      |
2017-01-14  | t      | running | basic
(1 row)

In this example, "local_customers" inherits from the remote table
"public"."customers", which inherits again from the local table

Same issue with DELETE of course, and the ::regclass isn't important here.


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