I have finally extracted out a patch that applied to a 7.2.1 tree get's
me something that compiles and passes all regression tests on RedHat
Linux and Windows 2000.

To clearify upfront, even if the build process of this port uses a few
cygwin tools, the final executables and libraries do not depend on

I need to write up the 42 steps how to build. For those who want to be
prepared, you'll need a unix system to patch, a win32 environment with
VC++ 6.0, Tcl, bison*, flex*, sed* and touch* (*=from cygwin). To run
the regression tests, one would need an MKS toolkit as it crashes the
cygwin bash ... we didn't bother with those minor issues. I will post 2
patches later (meaning, probably tomorrow or latest Sunday) to the
patches list. One will be all the changes to existing files (about
11,500 lines context diff), one will be the new files added.

As a PostgreSQL coreteam member I want to thank my employer, the
PeerDirect Corporation, for contributing this work, which IMHO is an
important step for PostgreSQL.

What we need from here are some ideas how this port can be lifted up to
the current 7.4 development tree. There are some TODO items scattered
throughout the code. But, it compiles and works, so it's a good point to
start from I think. Looking at the demand for a native Win32 port I
would expect some people willing to take it from there.


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