Jan Wieck wrote:
As a PostgreSQL coreteam member I want to thank my employer, the
PeerDirect Corporation, for contributing this work, which IMHO is an
important step for PostgreSQL.
Yes, a very important step. A big thank you to PeerDirect.

What we need from here are some ideas how this port can be lifted up to
the current 7.4 development tree. There are some TODO items scattered
throughout the code. But, it compiles and works, so it's a good point to
start from I think. Looking at the demand for a native Win32 port I
would expect some people willing to take it from there.
I have a request for this. Would it be possible to give priority to the client utilities?
Apart from possibly helping in the rest of the port by facilitating dumping/restoring/testing, it would also enable those working on Windows clients with unix backends to work more easily now already. Personally, I am now using the psql that came with the beta4 of the Win32 port for everything. Even when connecting to a 7.3 server the problems (no schema support etc.) are far outweighted by the advantages of having a lightweight (just libpq.dll + psql.exe, no cygwin, no installation) client tool. But it would be nice if schema support etc. was available and with the exception of pg_dump I am personally not very concerned about using beta client utilities (while I would have reservations about using a beta database server).


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