Hello Alvaro,

Here is a two part v12, which:

part a (refactoring of scripts and their stats):
 - fix option checks (-i alone)
 - s/repleacable/replaceable/ in doc
 - keep small description in doc and help for -S & -N
 - fix 2 comments for pg style
 - show builtin list if not found

I'm looking at this part of your patch and I think it's far too big to
be a simple refactoring.  Would you split it up please?
I think the StatsData / SimpleStat addition should be one patch;
then there's the -b changes. Then there may (or may not) be a bunch of other minor cleanups, not sure.

I'm willing to commit these patches if I can easily review what they do,
which I cannot with the current state.

Hmmm. ISTM that other people already reviewed it.

I can try to separate (again) some stuff, but there will be no miracle.

The overdue refactoring is because pgbench collects statistics at various levels, and each time this is done in a different way. Cleaning this requires to touch the stuff in many places, which means a "big" patch, although ISTM a straightforward one, but this already the case with this one.

Please pgindent; make sure to add /*--- here to avoid pgindent mangling
the comment:


part b (weight)
 - check that the weight is an int

This part looks okay to me.  Minor nitpick,

+       int i = 0, w = 0, wc = (int) getrand(thread, 0, total_weight - 1);

should be three lines, not one.


Also the @W part in the --help output should be in brackets, as FILE[@W], right?

Why not.


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