Fabien COELHO wrote:

> >It seems a bit funny to have the start_time not be reset when 0.0 is
> >passed, which is almost all the callers.  Using a float as a boolean
> >looks pretty odd; is that kosher?  Maybe it'd be a good idea to have a
> >separate boolean flag instead?

> Obviously this would work. I did not think the special case was worth the
> extra argument. This one has some oddity too, because the second argument is
> ignored depending on the third. Do as you feel.

Actually my question was whether keeping the original start_time was the
intended design.  I think some places are okay with keeping the original
value, but the ones in addScript, the per-thread loop in main(), and the
global one also in main() should all be getting a 0.0 instead of leaving
the value uninitialized.

(I did turn the arguments around so that the bool is second and the
float is third.  Thanks for the suggestion.)

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