2016-01-13 16:22 GMT+01:00 Vladimir Sitnikov <sitnikov.vladi...@gmail.com>:

> >A value of -1 could disable generic plans
> I do not like the idea.
> I've seen dramatic performance improvements from using cached plans.
> The numbers are like "20ms to plan vs 1ms to execute" for an often
> used OLTP query. Query text is involved (~5-10KiB).

but currently we have not any tool how to check the quality of plan for new
set of parameters. If plan is ok for one value parameters, then can be
pretty bad for following parameters.

Albe's proposal can be good enough for 2/3 cases and it doesn't block any
other enhancing. There is still 1/3 of queries - too complex (slow
planning) too dynamic plan (the generic plan doesn't work).



> Vladimir

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