2016-01-13 17:12 GMT+01:00 Vladimir Sitnikov <sitnikov.vladi...@gmail.com>:

> >If plan is ok for one value parameters, then can be pretty bad for
> following parameters.
> Happy statements are all alike; every unhappy statement is unhappy in
> its own way (see [1]).
> If user is sending different kinds of parameters, he is shooting in the
> foot.
> >Albe's proposal can be good enough for 2/3 cases and it doesn't block any
> other enhancing
> Albe's proposal effectively disables plan cache, thus it blocks enhancing.
> If a user goes "replan every time" route, there is no way you
> introduce plan caching there.

I am sorry, I disagree. Albe's proposal should be compatible with current
state, so your argument is too strong. Default is same.


> [1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna_Karenina_principle
> Vladimir

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