Jeff Janes <> writes:
> In the meantime, I had a question about bumping the version to 1.3.

> Version 1.2 of pg_trgm has never been included in a community release
> (because it didn't make the 9.5 cutoff).  So should we really bump the
> version to 1.3, or just merge the changes here directly into the
> existing 1.2 HEAD code?

> I think it would be pretty odd for 9.5. to come with pg_trgm 1.1 and
> for 9.6 to come with pg_trgm 1.3.

+1 for not bumping the version, if we've not shipped 1.2 yet.  There's
enough maintenance overhead in an extension version bump that we should
not do one unnecessarily.

                        regards, tom lane

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