On 29.01.2016 17:15, Teodor Sigaev wrote:
The behavior of this function is surprising to me.

select substring_similarity('dog' ,  'hotdogpound') ;


Substring search was desined to search similar word in string:
contrib_regression=# select substring_similarity('dog' ,  'hot dogpound') ;

contrib_regression=# select substring_similarity('dog' ,  'hot dog
pound') ;
It seems to me that users search words in long string. But I'm agree
that more detailed explanation needed and, may be, we need to change
feature name to fuzzywordsearch or something else, I can't imagine how.

Thank you for the review. I will rename the function name. Maybe to subword_similarity()?

Also, should we have a function which indicates the position in the
2nd string at which the most similar match to the 1st argument occurs?

select substring_similarity_pos('dog' ,  'hotdogpound') ;

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Interesting, I think, it will be useful in some cases.

We could call them <<-> and <->> , where the first corresponds to <%
and the second to %>

I will add them.

Artur Zakirov
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