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This is an interesting thought. My gut tells me it is a viable opportunity for the corporate entities that offer support and wish to have 'VAR' status.

This is just my opinion, but I view the core development group as pure development, and the various people that resell or distribute PostgreSQL as a for-profit business as those responsible for maintaining backward support.

Maybe RedHat or PostgreSQL Inc can do this? It is a really good message, "The best of open source, with on going support."
Very interesting thought. It could probably be done. Oh, hang on... Red Hat is taking that angle for now. :-)

And not to re-open a can of worms, but if PostgreSQL could upgrade without having to do a dump and restore, then this wouldn't really be an issue.
That's not really true. Have personally seen applications that places use and rely on that are not yet compatible with v 7.3.x, because the vendors of the applications compiled against something that was of version 7.2.x, and doesn't work with version 7.3.x.

Now, that's not our fault, and not the fault of the places running the applications, it's just part of how PostgreSQL is applied out in the real world.


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