Neil, Robert:

"As for the "WAL recovery bug", AFAIK no such bug has been reported "in
the last few days". Exactly what issue are you referring to?"

That's my bug; I filed it on Wednesday.

However, it is not 100%; that is:
1) While Tom and I are pretty sure that the issue *could* cause the behavior 
reported, we're not completely certain that it *did*; i.e. in the two 
reported cases, one actually turned out to be something else, and the other 
could possibly be something else as well.

2) Nobody has tested that switching the order of those 2 lines in 7.2.3 
doesn't cause any problems, to date.

I'm not saying that it's not potentially a patchable bug.   We're just not 
ready to patch it yet.

But I do vote for a 7.2.4 just because I can't upgrade a lot of my clients to 
7.3.1 safely and there are a few easy patches for 7.2.3.   

Alternately, I would suggest an omnibus patch for the 7.2.3 source code so 
that we don't set a precedent for branching development.

-Josh Berkus
 Aglio Database Solutions
 San Francisco

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