> I think we have to accept the statement that in 7.2.X malicious SQL
> queries can cause database failure, and fixing one or two of the ten
> known problems doesn't change that fact.
> I don't have a problem with releasing 7.2.4 and including all the fixes,
> including security fixes, but I don't see the security fixes _as_ _a_
> _reason_ to release a 7.2.4.
> So, do we have non-security fixes to warrant a 7.2.X?

Gavin Sherry and I have just spent a week at the Linux.conf.au.  The
feedback we got from users was basically this:

1. We don't allow untrusted users unlimited SQL access
2. Upgrading PostgreSQL sucks
3. We want important corruption fixes
4. So, keep supporting older versions (7.2.x at least)

So, basically I think it is a VERY good idea for us to keep releasing 7.2.x
versions for a long time.

BTW, I'll be posting a linux.conf.au postgres report soonish...


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