Why don't you just include them by default, otherwise if WITHOUT OIDS
appears in the CREATE TABLE command, then don't include them ?


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> Sent: Wednesday, 22 January 2003 4:12 AM
> Subject: [HACKERS] Call for objections: put back OIDs in CREATE TABLE
> We've gotten a couple of complaints now about the fact that 7.3 doesn't
> include an OID column in a table created via CREATE TABLE AS or SELECT
> INTO.  Unless I hear objections, I'm going to revert it to including an
> OID, and back-patch the fix for 7.3.2 as well.  See discussion a couple
> days ago on pgsql-general, starting at
> http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-general/2003-01/msg00669.php
>                       regards, tom lane
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