> > Ross, you make some powerful arguments here.  Probably the most
> > significant was the idea that you need a unique identifier for every
> > row, and it should be of a consistent type, which primary key is not.
> I don't see why you need a unqiue identifier per row, nor do I see why,
> if you are going to have one, it needs to be the same type across all
> tables.

If i had table with multi col primary key like...

        create table devices (
                major int4,
                minor int4,
                primary key (major, minor)

... and do this:

        insert into devices (major, minor values (224, find_free_minor_for(224))

should the database report something like

        INSERT '{<([\'224\', \'89\'])>}' 1

which I could then parse in my client program and try to recover my
fresh brand new primary key from it? No thanks...

Anyways, I've got an idea: what about having option that INSERTs return
"oid_status" in form

       major = '224' and minor = '10'
       state = 'ca'

Then you could just throw this expression into a select query after where
;P And tables would never need row oids...

Antti Haapala

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