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> On Fri, Jan 1, 2016 at 7:50 PM, Simon Riggs <si...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> > Failover Slots
> > In the current patch, any slot defined on a master will generate WAL,
> > leading to a pending-slot being present on all standby nodes. When a
> standby
> > is promoted, the slot becomes usable and will have the properties as of
> the
> > last fsync on the master.
> No objection to the concept, but I think the new behavior needs to be
> optional.  I am guessing that you are thinking along similar lines,
> but it's not explicitly called out here.

Yeah,  I think that's the idea too. For one thing we'll want to allow
non-failover slots to continue to be usable from a streaming replica, but
we must ERROR if anyone attempts to attach to and replay from a failover
slot via a replica since we can't write WAL there. Both kinds are needed.

There's a 'failover' bool member in the slot persistent data for that
reason. It's not (yet) exposed via the UI.

I presume we'll want to:

* add a new default-false argument is_failover_slot or similar to
pg_create_logical_replication_slot and pg_create_physical_replication_slot

* Add a new optional flag argument FAILOVER to CREATE_REPLICATION_SLOT in
both its LOGICAL and PHYSICAL forms.

... and will be adding that to this patch, barring syntax objections etc.

It's also going to be necessary to handle what happens when a new failover
slot (physical or logical) is created on the master where it conflicts with
the name of a non-failover physical slot that was created on the replica.
In this case I am inclined to terminate any walsender backend for the
replica's slot with a conflict with recovery, remove its slot and replace
it with a failover slot. The failover slot does not permit replay while in
recovery so if the booted-off client reconnects it'll get an ERROR saying
it can't replay from a failover slot. It should be pretty clear to the
admin what's happening between the conflict with recovery and the failover
slot error. There could still be an issue if the client persistently keeps
retrying and successfully reconnects after replica promotion but I don't
see that much can be done about that. The documentation will need to
address the need to try to avoid name conflicts between slots created on
replicas and failover slots on the master.

I'll be working on those docs, on the name conflict handling, and on the
syntax during my coming flight. Toddler permitting.

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