On 22 January 2016 at 19:30, Victor Wagner <vi...@wagner.pp.ru> wrote:
> On Tue, 19 Jan 2016 14:34:54 +0000
> Thom Brown <t...@linux.com> wrote:
>> The segfault issue I originally reported now appears to be resolved.
>> But now I have another one:
>> psql
>> 'postgresql://thom@,,,'
>> -c 'show port'
> Here is new version of the patch. Now I've reworked hostorder=random and
> it seems to work as well as sequential. failover_timeout works too.
> I've also found a case when attempt to connect fail when receiving
> FATAL message from server which is not properly up yet. So, it is fixed
> too.
> Addititonally, error messages from all failed connect attempts are not
> accumulated now. Only last one is returned.

I can't connect to a standby with the patch applied:

thom@swift:~/Development/test$ psql -p 5531 postgres
psql: thom@swift:~/Development/test$

No error message, nothing in the logs.  I find this is the case with
any standby, but doesn't affect primaries.

So this has broken existing functionality somewhere.


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