On Sat, Jan 23, 2016 at 05:04:56PM -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> Noah Misch <n...@leadboat.com> writes:
> > To reliably produce exact answers, this code must delay all trigonometric
> > calculations to runtime.  On sungazer, the float8 test happens to pass if I
> > rebuild float.c with -fno-builtin-sin; that leaves calls like acos(0.5) and
> > cos(60.0 * RADIANS_PER_DEGREE) unprotected, though.
> Either I missed something or there's another issue, because tern/sungazer
> are *still* failing.  This is getting annoying :-(

sungazer's "make check" passes if I change init_degree_constants() to be
non-static.  Duping gcc isn't so easy these days.

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