I did not manage to make the simplest logical replication scheme work with
My setup is the following: two postgresql nodes (one provider and one
subscriber) with one database and one simple table:
`CREATE TABLE t (c1 integer, PRIMARY KEY (c1));`

I followed the README provided with pglogical source code without any
I created the provider and the subscriber nodes without problem but then,
after sending the sql query `SELECT
pglogical.create_subscription('subscription1', 'host=localhost port=55432
dbname=postgres');`  I got:

"ERROR:  pglogical_origin extension not found"

So I `CREATE EXTENSION pglogical_origin;` on the subscriber node (this step
is not mentioned in the README).

But then, I have the following error on the worker running on the
subscriber node:

"ERROR:  subscriber subscription1 initialization failed during
nonrecoverable step (s), please try the setup again"

I tried to replay the setup again without any success.
What am I missing here ?

Thanks for your help

*S├ębastien DIEMER*

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