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> Hello,
> I did not manage to make the simplest logical replication scheme work with
> pglogical.
> My setup is the following: two postgresql nodes (one provider and one
> subscriber) with one database and one simple table:
> `CREATE TABLE t (c1 integer, PRIMARY KEY (c1));`
> I followed the README provided with pglogical source code without any
> success.
> I created the provider and the subscriber nodes without problem but then,
> after sending the sql query `SELECT
> pglogical.create_subscription('subscription1', 'host=localhost port=55432
> dbname=postgres');`  I got:
> "ERROR:  pglogical_origin extension not found"

It sounds like you must be running on PostgreSQL 9.4.

9.5 was the primary target for pglogical. Replicating from 9.4 to 9.4 was
added quite late in the process. It seems we left out some key information
from the documentation there.

> "ERROR:  subscriber subscription1 initialization failed during
> nonrecoverable step (s), please try the setup again"
> I tried to replay the setup again without any success.

You'll need to drop the subscriber database and re-create it. Use a new
node name.

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