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>>         Tatsuo Ishii wrote:
>> > IMO, it's a bug or at least an inconsistency
>> Personally I don't see this change being good for everything.
>> Let's play devil's advocate:
>> create table abc(U&"foo\2003" int);
>> U+2003 is 'EM SPACE', in Unicode's General Punctuation block.
>> With the current version, format('%I', attname) on this column is:
>> "foo "
>> With the patched version, it produces this:
>> foo
>> So the visual hint that there are more characters at the end is lost.
> I can agree, so current behave can be useful in some cases, but still it is
> bug (inconsistency) between PostgreSQL parser and PostgreSQL escaping
> functions.
> Currently, any multibyte char can be unescaped identifier (only apostrophes
> are tested). We should to test white chars too.

Really? I thought we do that test.

test=# create table t6("あいう えお" int);
test=# \d t6
         Table "public.t6"
   Column    |  Type   | Modifiers 
 あいう えお | integer | 
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