2016-01-26 18:00 GMT-02:00 Daniel Verite <dan...@manitou-mail.org>:
> ...
> create table abc(U&"foo\2003" int);
> U+2003 is 'EM SPACE', in Unicode's General Punctuation block.
> With the current version, format('%I', attname) on this column is:
> "foo "
> With the patched version, it produces this:
> foo
> So the visual hint that there are more characters at the end is lost.

Thanks for advocate, I see here that it even produces that output with
simple spaces.

postgres=# create table x ("aí      " text);
postgres=# \d x
        Tabela "public.x"
  Coluna  | Tipo | Modificadores
 aí       | text |

This will break copy&paste user actions and scripts that parses that output.

Maybe the patch should consider left/right non-printable chars to
choose whether to show or not the " ?

Dickson S. Guedes
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http://github.com/guedes - http://guedesoft.net

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