Craig Ringer wrote:
On 27 January 2016 at 00:16, Yury Zhuravlev <> wrote: It says more about the modules, and not about libpq. Using for this library in the light of the development of my CMake build seems silly.

For what it's worth I personally agree. I'd rather have PGDLLEXPORT used directly, not least because it'd let us built with -fvisibility=hidden under *nix. But I'm in the minority and not inclined to push the point.

If so many problems with MSVC can discard his support of Postgres?
Not supported C99-C1x.
Problems build dynamic library.
Realy problems build out-tree module.

Under windows we can use MinGW64/Msys or LLVM/Clang for MSVC.
The current situation is similar to masochism. We're not trying to change the code to make it more portable. But at the same time try using black magic to make Postgres work on non-POSIX systems.
What's the point now support the MSVC?

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