Yury Zhuravlev wrote:

> If so many problems with MSVC can discard his support of Postgres?

That doesn't sound likely.  Keep in mind that users might want to
compile extension modules, and not everyone is going to use mingw for
that.  As far as I know, stuff compiled with MSVC is not compatible with
mingw compiled objects.  So even if the main packages switched to
compiling with mingw, we'd probably still want to support MSVC.

> Under windows we can use MinGW64/Msys or LLVM/Clang for MSVC.

I'm guessing that LLVM/Clang port would be useful for something, but I'm
not clear what.

Are we moving forward with the CMake stuff?  It would be *awesome* to
get rid of the MSVC build scripts, and perhaps we can move forward on
some smaller items such as PGDLLEXPORT markings as well.

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