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> Sent: 22 January 2003 16:05
> To: Dave Page
> Cc: Tom Lane; PostgreSQL Hackers Mailing List
> Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Foreign key wierdness
> I did some extensive testing using PostgreSQL 7.3.1 (logs and results 
> available upon request), and the massive slowdown is NOT related to 
> qualified tablename syntax or (lack of) VACUUM ANALYZE, but to the 
> following change :
> pgAdminII 1.4.2 :
> -------------------
> CREATE TABLE articles (
>     article_id integer DEFAULT 
> nextval('"articles_article_id_key"'::text) NOT NULL,
> ...
> pgAdminII 1.4.12 :
> --------------------
> CREATE TABLE articles (
>     article_id bigint DEFAULT 
> nextval('"articles_article_id_key"'::text) 
> ...

I'd never have guessed that one, despite noting that particular change
in the code some time ago. Oh well...

Anyway, that was changed in pgAdmin because I got a couple of complaints
about it's use of int4 for migrated serial/autonumber columns. One user
was migrating some *very* large numbers from a SQL Server.

From what Tom has said in his reponse, I think the answer for you Didier
is to remap your integer columns to int8 instead of int4 and see what
happens. When I get a couple of minutes I will look at putting a Serials
as... Option in the type map.

Regards, Dave.

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