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> To: Didier Moens
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> Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Foreign key wierdness 
> > With two tables each containing some 20.000 entries, the fk creation
> > time between both of them increases from ~ 1.8 secs to ~ 221 secs.
> Seems odd that the cost would get *that* much worse.  Maybe 
> we need to look at whether the FK checking queries need to 
> include explicit casts ...

Does seem like it needs some work, though it could be argued that the
columns should be of the same type (which they were of course until I
got clever and increased the size of autonumber column that pgAdmin

Anyway, as always, many thanks for your help and putting our testing
back on a sensible course after much head scratching!! :-)

Regards, Dave.

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