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> Firebird uses a set of Borland command line tools and Borland's make,
> which they give away as a free download.  Even if you're compiling for
> Windows, the build process uses Borland's command line "make".  A batch
> build script copies makefiles from a single source directory and spreads
> them around the tree, then kicks off Borland's make.  For things to work
> successfully, you must download Borland's tools and install them
> together with setting a few environment variables by hand.  Borland
> command line tools are just a set of Unix utilities like grep, sed,
> make, (sh?) etc.  Once upon a time they required cygwin utilities, but
> managed to purge themselves of cygwin with the Borland utilities.  When
> they required cygwin, they also required some Borland utilities anyway.
> So they had a real reason for purging cygwin.  If someone thinks the
> cygwin package is too big, we could require the Borland utilities instead
> :)
        I can't agree more ! Even if You do not want to hear my opinion here it is:

The reason why I started to use PosgreSQL was:
        1. Price 
        2. Most features that I used on MSSQL was there (except replication).

If You require MS Visual C for building, it may increase the price.
Borland C++ free version 5.5 you can download from :
(I newer downloaded it from there, because I got it on some CD from our
local computer news).
What is included in the package you can see at :

I can point to one more example of using bcc32 in multiplatform projects:
(They support also Microsoft Visual C++, but Windows version is not free !)
        And in the end, the developers for windows are not stupid, they can survive 
without MS projects, workspaces, fancy GUI e.t.c. (at least developers that 
You want to contribute to Postgres.)

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