"Curtis Faith" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> If a developer can simply download the source, click on the Visual C++
> project in the win32 directory and then build PostgreSQL, and they can
> see that Windows is not the "poor stepchild" because the VC project is
> well laid out, they will be more likely to use it for Windows projects
> than MySQL which requires the CygWin tools (this means "really a Unix
> product" to Windows developers).

<flame on>
In all honesty, I do not *want* Windows people to think that they're not
running on the "poor stepchild" platform.    If we go down that path,
they'll start trying to run production databases on Windows, and then
we'll get blamed for the instability of the platform, not to mention
the likelihood that it ignores Unix semantics for fsync() and suchlike
critical primitives.

I have no objection to there being a Windows port that people can use
to do SQL-client development on their laptops.  But let us please not
confuse this with an industrial-strength solution; nor give any level
of support that might lead others to make such confusion.

The MySQL guys made the right choice here: they don't want to buy into
making Windows a grade-A platform, either.
<flame off>

                        regards, tom lane

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