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> 2. pg_fdw_join_v3.patch: changes to postgres_fdw - more description below

This patch no longer quite applies because of conflicts with one of
your other patches that I applied today (cf. commit

And then I broke it some more by committing a patch to extract
deparseLockingClause from postgresGetForeignPlan and move it to
deparse.c, but that should pretty directly reduce the size of this
patch.  I wonder if there are any other bits of refactoring of that
sort that we can do in advance of landing the main patch, just to
simplify review.  But I'm not sure there are: this patch removes very
little existing code; it just adds a ton of new stuff.

I think the names deparseColumnRefForJoinrel and
deparseColumnRefForBaserel are better than the previous names, but I
would capitalize the last "r", so "Rel" instead of "rel".  But it's
weird that we have those functions and also just plain old
deparseColumnRef, which is logically part of
deparseColumnRefForBaserel but inexplicably remains a separate
function.  I still don't see why you can't just add a bunch of new
logic to the existing deparseColumnRef, change the last argument to be
of type deparse_expr_cxt instead of PlannerInfo, and have that one
function simply handle more cases than it does currently.

It seems unlikely to me that postgresGetForeignPlan really needs to
call list_free_deep(fdw_scan_tlist).  Can't we just let memory context
reset clean that up?

In postgresGetForeignPlan (and I think some other functions), you
renamed the argument from baserel to foreignrel.  But I think it would
be better to just go with "rel".  We do that elsewhere in various
places, and it seems fine here too.  And it's shorter.

copy_path_for_epq_recheck() and friends are really ugly.  Should we
consider just adding copyObject() support for those node types

The error message quality in conversion_error_callback() looks
unacceptably poor.  The column number we're proposing to output will
be utterly meaningless to the user.  It would ideally be desirable to
output the base table name and the column name from that table.

I'm sure there's more -- this is a huge patch and I don't fully
understand it yet -- but I'm out of energy for tonight.

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