On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 03:16:18PM -0500, Stephen Frost wrote:
> > OK, but keep in mind whatever script committers user should remove tags
> > that are empty after exiting the editor.  I can provide the grep regex
> > in git somewhere too:
> > 
> >   egrep -v 
> > "^(Author|Reported-by|Bug|Reviewed-by|Tested-by|Backpatch-through): *$"
> If the template is there then, for my part at least, I wouldn't mind
> killing the empty lines.  Having a decent script would work too, of
> course... but I have to admit that I've not tried having a script modify
> my commit messages right before they're committed and, well, it'd take a
> bit for me to be comfortable with it.
> No one wants garbled commit messages from a script that went awry. ;)

I have always used a script.  This removes trailing blank lines:

        sed -e :a -e '/./,$!d;/^\n*$/{$d;N;};/\n$/ba'

and this removes adjacent blank lines:

        cat --squeeze-blank

I can publish my script at the appropriate time.

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