On 01/28/2016 01:57 PM, Robert Haas wrote:
One of the things I like about the current free-form approach is that
you can indicate nuances, like:

Person X reviewed an earlier version of this patch that was a lot
different than this one.
Person X reviewed this patch but didn't totally endorse it.
Person X wrote the documentation for the patch, but none of the code.
Person X wrote the vast bulk of this patch, even though there are some
other authors.

Should I just abandon the idea of trying to capture those details, or
does this format contemplate a way to include them?

Why can't we do both? That is, have a free-form text with the nuances, and then Reviewed-By listing the main reviewers? The first one is for humans, the other one for automated tools.

(Also an important question: Has Tom agreed to use this new format?
Because I think that anything the rest of agree on that he's not
prepared to endorse is not going to have much value.)

I can't speak for Tom, but I'm sitting fairly close to him and I haven't heard any complains or even groaning.


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