Petr Jelinek wrote:
> On 18 January 2016 at 09:19, Craig Ringer <> wrote:
> > Needs rework after the commit of
> Here is version that applies to current master. There is some work to
> do (mostly cleanup) and the DDL is missing, but that's because I want
> to know what people think about the principle of how it works now and
> if it makes sense to finish it this way (explained in the original
> submission for Jan CF).

I would guess that the DDL boilterplate should come from Alexander
Korotkov's patch, right?  I think a first easy step may be to combine
parts both patches so that we get the "amkind" column from this patch
and the DDL support from Alexander's patch (means that his proposed
command needs a new clause to specify the amkind); then the really tough
stuff in both Alexander's and this patch can be rebased on top of that.

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