Sure. I attached two patches. But notice that pg_trgm.limit should be used with
this command:
SHOW "pg_trgm.limit";
If you will use this command:
SHOW pg_trgm.limit;
you will get the error:
ERROR:  syntax error at or near "limit"
LINE 1: SHOW pg_trgm.limit;

This is because "limit" is keyword I think.

It's easy to fix in gram.y:
@@ -1499,7 +1499,7 @@ set_rest_more:    /* Generic SET syntaxes: */

 var_name:  ColId                               { $$ = $1; }
-           | var_name '.' ColId
+           | var_name '.' ColLabel
                { $$ = psprintf("%s.%s", $1, $3); }

ColId doesn't contain reserved_keyword, it's impossible to change initial part of var_name to ColId because of a lot of conflicts in grammar but could be easy changed for second part of var_name. It seems like improvement in any case but sml_limit or similarity_limit or even similarity_treshold is more preferable name than just simple limit. In future we could introduce more tresholds/limits.

Also, should get/set_limit emit a warning about deprecation?

Some notices about substring patch itself:
1 contains too much duplicates (like Barkala or Bakalan). Is it really needed for testing?

2 I'm agree with Jeff Janes about <<-> and <->> operation. They are needed. (

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