On 1/28/16 9:46 AM, Christoph Berg wrote:
> If a cluster is configured for non-hot-standby replication, the
> READY=1 seems to never happen. Did you check if that doesn't trigger
> any timeouts with would make the unit "fail" or the like?

As Pavel showed, it doesn't work for that.  I'll look into that.

> Also, I'm wondering how hard it would be to get socket activation work
> with that? (I wouldn't necessarily recommend that for production use,
> but on my desktop it would certainly be helpful not to have all those
> 8.4/9.0/.../9.6 clusters running all the time doing nothing.)

I had looked into socket activation, and it looks feasible, but it's a
separate feature.  I couldn't really think of a strong use case, but
what you describe makes sense.

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