Tomas Vondra wrote:

> On 12/24/2015 04:05 AM, Michael Paquier wrote:

> >Tomas, are you still working on that? This thread is stalling for 3 weeks.
> I haven't discovered anything interesting during the testing, so I guess the
> "needs review" state is appropriate. Let's move the patch to the next
> commitfest.

Not sure what to do here, since this patch got no feedback at all in
this CF.  The right thing to do, ISTM, is to just move it again to the
next CF.  But it'd be really useful if someone can have it a look and
verify at least whether it doesn't need a rebase (requiring a further
submission) so that other people can play with it.  Of course, if
Horiguchi-san or anyone has more review comments, that would be even

Tomas said he'd do more testing, but we never got a report on whether
anything turned up.

(At this point I'm not sure if either Kyotaro or Tomas should be
considered the patch author ... maybe both?)

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