On 12/06/2015 11:48 PM, Tomas Vondra wrote:
    * Frequently, there will be no partial indexes, so first check to
    * make sure there's something useful to do here.
   have_partial = false;
   foreach(lc, rel->indexlist)
     IndexOptInfo *index = (IndexOptInfo *) lfirst(lc);

      * index rinfos are the same to baseristrict infos for non-partial
      * indexes
     index->indrinfos = rel->baserestrictinfo;

     if (index->indpred == NIL)
       continue;      /* ignore non-partial indexes */

     if (index->predOK)
       continue;      /* don't repeat work if already proven OK */

     have_partial = true;

Attached is a v6 of the patch, which is actually the version submitted by Kyotaro-san on 2015/10/8 rebased to current master and with two additional changes.

Firstly, I've removed the "break" from the initial foreach loop in check_partial_indexes(). As explained in the previous message, I believe this was a bug in the patch.

Secondly, I've tried to improve the comments to explain a bit better what the code is doing.


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