On 01/31/2016 05:07 AM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
David Steele wrote:
The attached patch implements audit logging for PostgreSQL as an
extension.  I believe I have addressed the concerns that were raised at
the end of the 9.5 development cycle.

This patch got no feedback at all during the commitfest.  I think there
is some interest on auditing capabilities so it's annoying and
surprising that this has no movement at all.

If the lack of activity means lack of interest, please can we all keep
what we've been doing in this thread, which is to ignore it, so that we
can just mark this as rejected.  Otherwise, please chime in.  I'm giving
this patch some more time by moving it to next commitfest instead.

From my perspective, lack of activity means since it doesn't have a technical requirement to be in -core, it doesn't need to be.

That said, it is certainly true that people express interest in auditing (all the time). So I think we need to either punt it as something that is going to be an external extension or someone needs to pick it up.

It used to be that there was a philosophy of we built what people need to build other things. This is why replication for the longest time wasn't incorporated. If that is still our philosophy I don't even know why the audit extension is still a question.



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