Haribabu Kommi wrote:

> Hi, Do you have any further comments on the patch that needs to be
> taken care?

I do.  I think the jsonb functions you added should be added to one of
the json .c files instead, since they seem of general applicability.
But actually, I don't think you have ever replied to the question of why
are you using JSON in the first place; isn't a normal array suitable?

The callback stuff is not documented in check_hba() at all.  Can you
please add an explanation just above the function, so that people trying
to use it know what can the callback be used for?  Also a few lines
above the callback itself would be good.  Also, the third argument of
check_hba() is a translatable message so you should enclose it in _() so
that it is picked up for translation.  The "skipped"/"matched" words
(and maybe others?) need to be marked similarly.

That "Failed" in the errmsg in pg_hba_lookup() should be lowercase.

Moving to next CF.

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