On 2/4/16 5:09 PM, David G. Johnston wrote:

    What the 2nd para in the documentation is saying is something different:
    it is talking about reading all the pg_xlog files (in reverse order),
    which is not pg_control, and see what checkpoint records are there, then
    figure out which one to use.

Yes, I inferred something that obviously isn't true - that the system
doesn't go hunting for a valid checkpoint to begin recovery from.  While
it does not do so in the case of a corrupted pg_control file I further
assumed it never did.  That would be because the documentation doesn't
make the point of stating that two checkpoint positions exist and that
PostgreSQL will try the second one if the first one proves unusable.
Given the topic of this thread that omission makes the documentation
out-of-date.  Maybe its covered elsewhere but since this section
addresses locating a starting point I would expect any such description
‚Äčto be here as well.

Yeah, I think we should fix the docs. Especially since I imagine that if you're reading that part of the docs you're probably having a really bad day, and bad info won't help you...
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